Sample Dream Catcher Gallery

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Many cultures have spiritual items that reflect the spirit away bad dreams or bad feelings. In Native American culture those items are dream catchers. Traditionally, dream catchers were made out of vines, river reeds, or willow branches. Two Eagles Legacy offers two main types using either grapevine or river reeds.

Legend of the Dream Catcher:

A long time ago there was a young warrior who became ill. All the tribe’s elder came to pray for the young man. After many prayers, a spider came to sing a healing song. As the spider sung, the young man was dreaming due to his fevers. He was told in the dream that he would be healed, and that he would have a great gift to give to his people. When, the young man awoke over his bed was a spider’s web woven within a wooden hoop. There were feathers hanging from the circle.

Today, if you hold up a dream catcher you can still see the spirit of the spider within the webbing. The legend in how it works is bad dreams and thoughts get caught in the web. Good dreams and thoughts are able to pass through the dream catcher, down the feathers into the people around it. So, it promotes good feelings.