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Waquast Sungtetung (Greetigs/Good Morning) and Welcome to the Two Eagles Legacy How to Series. This section contains two parts: Instructional Videos that you can purchase or a Members Only section. The videos that are for purchase are set at one price, and will not include any additional content. The Members only section contains hours/days/weeks and thousands of dollars worth of instructional videos for authentic traditional and contemporary Native American regalia and craft items. These videos will allow you to become a master craftsman in no time, plus in the members only section you will get access to patterns/designs to customize the items, and learn the histories behind the items. The pages will provide a list of supplies and tools needed to make that particular item. There will be no missing information or vague instructions unlike every pattern/instruction ever created. The two subscriptions will allow you to pay month to month, or for a whole year at an incredible discount. For an entire year worth of access it is not even close to the cost of a college class. So, take a journey into the physical and spiritual world of Native American culture.

The main goal of these videos is to accomplish two things. 1. To teach others how to love, participate, and enjoy Native American heritage. This, may also be a starting point for non-natives to research and discover their own heritage. 2. There a lot of addiction in the world. Anything from drugs, pornography, alcohol, caffeine, or too much addiction to social media. I truly believe that in order to conquer something bad there needs to be a replacement with something good/productive. Two Eagles has helped others with quitting smoking through crafting. Every time there was a craving for a cigarette they would bead a feather quill. That person is still smoke free, today. Two Eagles Legacy hopes to work with individuals as well as rehab centers to use Native American crafting/culture to overcome addiction.

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