Feather Samples

These are samples of the most used feathers that I try to always have in stock. All these feathers are natural, or professionally dyed by Two Eagles Legacy which means they are soft unlike painted feathers. All feathers are legal to buy, sell, or trade; and you DO NOT need a liscense, tribal card, or permit to have these feathers.

Natural Turkey Wing Feather

Natural Turkey Tail Feather

Imitation Immature Bald Eagle

Imitation Mature Bald Eagle (Flattened and Trimmed)

Imitation Immature Golden Eagle Feathers (These are the most common that sells ranging from Young to Spotted)

Imitation Mature Golden Eagle Feathers (Ranging from tail to wing feathers. These a lot more rare of a supply, but I try to have them in stock as much as possible.)

Sample of an Imitation Immature 11 Golden Eagle Feather Tail Set

Sample of an Imitation Mature 11 Golden Eagle Tail Set

Samples of a Imitation Immature and Spotted Golden Eagle Wing (Bustle) Set

Sample of a Imitation Mature Golden Eagle Wing (Bustle) Set