About Us

About Us:

The objective of Two Eagles Legacy is to provide high quality products and reliable service for our customers at awesome competitive prices, but most of all there are millions of Indigenous People that struggle from the lack of traditional culture. Two Eagles Legacy encourages cultural diversity through all cultures; but mainstreams the knowledge through his Native American culture.

We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and using our products as much as we enjoyed providing them for you. All the items are hand-made using traditional and spiritual method, but may have contemporary supplies.

Two Eagles Legacy is excited to progress the business with a completely new level. Two Eagles Legacy is now producing instructional videos on the regalia/craft items that he makes. Rent, buy, or subscribe for the videos.

Two Eagles

Two Eagles is a mixed blood Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Native American. Two Eagles is a Men’s Traditional Dancer. He is also a flute player, and drums with Ancient Thunder, or as a guest with other drum groups. Two Eagles hand makes all of the crafts available. He travels performing and lecturing on cultural diversity. He was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1982.He speaks Tsalagi (Cherokee) and Cheroenhaka (Nottoway).

Certificate of Authenticity

Here is some of my family history:

ancestor 1

Full Blood on my Mom’s side.


My Mother (Two Feathers of the Heart_



My Dad

Great Grandmother

My Dad’s Grandmother(Full Blooded)

ancestor 2

A Full Blood on my Mother’s Dad’s Side

ancestor 3

My Full Blooded Great Grandmother on my Dad’s Mom’s Side.


My Mom’s Mother Cheroenhaka (Nottoway).

WW1 Draft Card

My Great Grandfather’s WW1 Draft Card…

Grandmother's DNA

This is my Grandmother’s (Mom’s side) DNA.

Uncle's DNA

My Uncle’s (Father’s side) DNA:

my dna

My Ancestry DNA Markers!

Customer's Map

Map of past customer’s.