Sample Bustle Gallery

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Bustles are feather items that men dancers wear. The have changed through the generations, but they basically had all the same meanings. They represented a warrior. The center piece represents the Earth. The feathers represent arrows that were shot through the air. The main support dowels/feathers stands for the warrior’s family or tribe, and the the other stands for the enemy. There are 3 main kinds of bustles: Traditional, Fancy, and Chicken/Round Bustles.

Traditional Bustles

Natural Bird of Prey Bustles

Imitation Immature Golden Eagle Bustles


Imitation Mature Golden Eagle Bustles

(These Feather are unlimited supply. These are professionally dyed white turkey feathers.)

(The below are a limited supply.) 

Black Spanish Turkey Bustles

Sweetgrass and Royal Palm Turkey Bustles

Peahen (Peacock) Bustles


Natural Turkey Feather Bustles

Grey Goose Bustles

White Turkey Bustles

Crow/Round/Chicken Dance Bustles

Fancy Dance Bustles