Sample Drum Gallery

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Drums play a huge part in Native American culture. They are known as the heartbeat of our people. They are the 1st of 4 sacred circles. During a ceremony you have the first sacred circle which is the drum. The second are the singer(s) that surround the drum. The third are any dancers that dance for the ceremony, and the forth is anyone else that is present. Drums are usually round like the Earth, and made from natural marterials. The most common are elk, buffalo, moose, and deer rawhide. Medicine drums are usually drums with specific paintings that tell a story, or refer to a spirit event in someone’s life.

Two Eagles drum is inspired by my name. (Art by: Nicolle Murray)

Kachina Dancers (Art by: Nicolle Murray)

Thunderbird (Art by: Nicolle Murray)

Wolf Calling (Art by: Nicolle Murray)


Red Hawk Over Coming Obstacles (Art by: Nicolle Murray)

Mustangs Running Free (Art by: Nicolle Murray)

Elk using the natural color of the drum (Art by: Nicolle Murray)

Remembering a Loved One (Art by: Nicolle Murray)

Spirit in the Drum (Natural after the drum dried.)

Plain Drums

Medicine Wheel (Art by: Nicolle Murray)