Sample Shield Gallery

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Shields were another way to keep records of the people. Many times war leaders would carry a shield to show authority. Men dancers will carry shields to honor their people. Most of the time rawhide was used, but large snapping turtle shells would be used by woodland tribes.

Legend of the First Fire (Art by: Nicolle Murray)

Mustangs Running Free (Art by: Nicolle Murray)

Medicine Shield (Art by: Nicolle Murray)


Raccon Shield (Art by: Nicolle Murray)

Trail Has Ended (Art by: Two Eagles)

Thunderbird (Art by: Two Eagles)

Bear People (Art by: Two Eagles)

Turtle Shields (Art by: Two Eagles)

Two Eagles Shield

Deer Dream Shield (Art by: Two Eagles)

Bear Medicine (Art by: Two Eagles)

Warrior’s Heart Shield (Art by: Two Eagles)

Snapping Turtle Shields (Art by: Two Eagles)