(Note: Two Eagles Legacy is not responsible for any misunderstandings due to customers not reading the Policies before ordering.)

Two Eagles Legacy provides an in stock inventory to cut down on waiting time. If you want items that you don’t see feel free to contact us, or place a custome order. All items that are in stock will appear from Two Eagles Legacy’s EBay store. If you do not wish to use EBay, then email Two Eagles Legacy. We Accept PayPal, and other credit cards upon checkout/invoicing.

Returns or Exchanges

Customers have 2 days to contact us if the item(s) arrive damaged. We aim for complete customer satisfaction. Let us know if something is wrong and we will do what we can to make it right. Since these items are, all hand made no returns or refunds are accepted. We will offer exchanges, or free repairs to mailed damaged goods. Items over $50.00 will include insurance, otherwise only priority mail offers $50.00 insurance or higher. I will not insure First Class items. In order for an insurance claim to be completed and refunded to the customer; the customer needs to report the damage to the postal service that is used, so evidence can be collected.

Custom Orders

Two Eagles Legacy is no longer accepting custom orders. All current orders are currently being worked on.

Shipping Information:

When a purchase is made through the in stock EBay store items Ebay will calculate the shipping costs. If you place a custom order, then I will calculate shipping based on the item’s size, weight, and your location. For items under 13 oz. you have the option of USPS First Class, or Priority Mail. Anything over is Priority, FedEx, UPS charges. (Note: Any items that are up to $50.00 insurance is automatically provided. All item(s) over $50 will have additional insurance.) The following shipping costs are:


credit cards

paypal verified